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Depending on the age of the dog you are getting, you are going to need some essential items. We adopted a six month old Pomeranian puppy this past weekend and had to figure out what to buy. Thankfully, one of my close friends is very experienced with pets and pet supplies so she was able to help us find exactly what we needed. Now, I figured I would pass on the knowledge.

This is our new baby girl! Name is TBD haha.



I didn’t know this but if you adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter, Petsmart will give you a coupon package with some pretty good deals on toys and food. I would definitely take advantage of that if you can.

Try to have your doggy supplies ready before you get him or her as it will make your life a lot easier. If you have any other pets in the house, be sure to do some research on how to introduce the new dog to them. You don’t want them to feel abandoned or unloved by bringing in their new sibling.



Here are the essentials to have when adopting a new dog . . . Remember that this will vary a little based on whether you plan on crating your fluff ball, training them, etc.

1. A Leash – kind of a no-brainer but it is important to know that non-retractable leashes are better. The retractable ones just confuse the dog and usually break pretty quickly. If you plan on leash training your dog, you CANNOT do that with a retractable one.

2. A Collar + Tag – You should wait to get the collar until you know the appropriate size but get one ASAP. When tightening, remember the two finger rule. You should only be able to get two fingers between the collar and the dog. Three fingers should feel too tight.

3. A Crate – OPTIONAL – If you do plan on crate training (which I highly recommend for a puppy or dog with separation anxiety) then you will need one. The crate should only be big enough for your dog to lay down. You don’t want it too big. Dogs won’t pee in the places where they plan on laying. Therefore, they will hold it until they are let out of the crate. If they have too much room then they can pee in one corner and lay in another. Crates can be pricey but if you look on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist then you can find one cheaper.

4. The Kong – OPTIONAL – This little piece of rubber is a miracle worker. You put peanut butter in the smaller end and leave it in the crate for the dog to chew on. They will be distracted for a while trying to get the peanut butter out. Sometimes, they don’t even notice that you have left. Make sure to read the package and get the right size. Also, only let it stay in the crate. It should not leave the crate. It is a key part in making the crate a “happy place” for little doggy. Pet stores have them or you can get them here

5. Treats – I recommend Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats, Bacon, 20-Ounce Pet Botanics Training Reward as it was highly recommended to me by my friend. It is good for the dog and has good ingredients. You can get them at Petsmart or on Amazon. They are great for training as well.

6. Food – Be sure to ask what the dog is currently eating so you can weave them off of the old food and onto the new food. Some good and affordable brands are Nutro and Wellness.

7. Toys – Your doggy is going to want to play and needs some toys of his/her own.

8. Shampoo – Be sure to use a shampoo with good ingredients that won’t dry out their skin or irritate it. Ideally you want something that isn’t soap based and is hypoallergenic. here is the one that we got for our puppy.

9. Bowls – Simple but essential. Try to buy stainless steel or glass. Plastic isn’t proven to be bad for dogs but you never know. Might as well be on the safe side. Plus stainless steel and glass won’t grow mold and mildew like plastic will.

10. Food Storage – Not an absolute necessity right away but something to think about. Same deal as the bowls. You can find sealable glass containers at Target,

Those are the essentials that I would recommend having before adopting your new best friend. All of these items are was to find and shouldn’t break the bank. If you want some good reading material for training and such, check out these books:

Maran Illustrated Dog Training

Family Friendly Dog Training: A Six Week Program for You and Your Dog

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