I have put together three unique and thoughtful wedding gift ideas. Each gift is geared toward a different kind of couple but any of the three would be great for just about any couple. All of the images are shapable. Just click on the image and it will take you directly to the site. Enjoy and happy gifting!

Gift Idea 1

For The Cooking Couple

Custom Engraved Recipe Cutting Board – This is the coolest thing! You can engrave the cutting board with one of their families favorite recipes or maybe one of yours. I love how unique it is. You know they won’t get two of these!

Custom Monogram Dish Towel – Also 100% unique. You can customize it to their taste and they will have something cute to display in their newlywed kitchen.

Williams-Sanoma Cooking Class – This is the perfect companion to the other two items. If you don’t have a WS in your city then you can always substitute a local grocery store or restaurant’s cooking class. I know that Publix does them and so do many other stores.



Gift Idea 2

For The Movie Couple

Amazon Fire Stick – Get the couple started for many movie nights. Everyone can use one of these.

Netflix Gift Card – Again, the perfect companion gift. It needs no explanation.

Popcorn Buckets – For them to eat their popcorn out of while watching Netflix on their Amazon Fire Stick!



Gift Idea 3

For The Hosting Couple

Bar Cart – The couple doesn’t have to be big into drinking but if they like to host parties or even if they just like coffee. This cart would make a great coffee cart.

Moscow Mule Mugs – The alcoholic choice of course.

Coffee Holder – The coffee bar choice.

Ice Bucket – These are great for parties and for hosting events.


I hope these gift ideas helped you out. Let me know if you end up giving any of these gifts and how the couple liked it.

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