One of my favorite things about Sunday is when my hubby and I sit down and do our weekly planning (Yes, I know I am a dork!). We make sure we are on the same page for all of our plans and we plan out our meals. This helps us spend less at the grocery store as we are too busy following a list to find splurge items. Though, if I am feeling particularly hungry when it comes time to go grocery shopping, I let hubby go on without me. We spend about half as much as we would have if I had gone with him haha. ANYWAYS, that is getting off topic. Weekly planning! It isn’t for everyone but I have found that it really helps us spend less on junk as well as eat out less.

Of course I thought to myself, as I was writing the week’s plans down on a sheet of plain paper, “What would make this process even more enjoyable?”.

Aha! I created a weekly planning sheet that is fun to look at and fits perfectly on our fridge! I added some clean and aesthetically pleasing detail in addition to making it as functional as possible. There is specific space set aside for meal planning, space for lists, notes, appointments, etc.

I thought that I would share this sheet with you guys. You can use the image below or download the official PDF copy here: .Weekly Planning Sheet Print

If you aren’t into printing the sheet and cutting it out every week, then don’t worry. You can purchase a pre-made pad of 52 weekly sheets in my store, which you can buy here.

Also, be sure to stay tuned for more fun organizational life products! I have so much fun making these things and love sharing them with all of you.




The digital planning sheet is meant for personal use only. You may not sell copies, digital or printed, without permission.

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