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Spring Picnic At Leu Gardens

I have been seeing beautiful picnic themed things all over the place and decided to have my own spring picnic with my close friend Tian. We looked online for ideas and inspiration, picked a location, and gathered all of the picnic items we owned. Harry P. Leu Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Orlando and though it made a perfect location for our picnic, we later found out that they don’t actually allow picnics on the property.

No matter, we had a great time and enjoyed the perfect Florida spring weather.

I will link as many things at the bottom of the post as I can but be sure to keep reading for some tips if you are planning a spring or summer picnic.

spring picnic

We found that the ground was very uneven and could be uncomfortable to sit on. Also, our plates and glasses kept trying to topple over. Tip: bring any hard surfaces like wood cutting boards or trays to set your drinks on.

spring picnic

Because the weather was so beautiful, I thought it would be a great time to read. Tian and I both love books and it was the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon post picnic food. Tip: if you find the ground hard and uncomfortable, bring a large pillow from home to sit on.

Our water didn’t want to stay cold very long even though we had a color. Tip: add citrus to your water so that when it starts to get warm, it still has a nice refreshing flavor. You can even freeze fruit in ice cubes so that when they melt, your water is still cold and has tasty fruit inside.


My Spring Picnic Outfit

spring picnic outfit

dress // bag // shoes




spring picnic 2018

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