As we grow and change, our tastes and ideas change with us. Sometimes it is just best to take a step back, look at our brand, and apply any new knowledge we have toward changing it. I tend to get inspired creatively all the time and constantly want to try new color palettes or logo designs (fonts are a huge weakness of mine haha). So, as you may have noticed, I have rebranded my blog and sort of refreshed the look of everything.


As my blog grows and evolves, I am learning so much more tricks and techniques that I didn’t know starting out. For example, I could easily tell you what colors went well together but I couldn’t tell you what impressions they gave off to readers and companies. I decided to write this blog post to share some of the key things that I have learned so far about branding myself and my business.



  1. You have to ask yourself what it is that you are selling or what you want people to take away from encountering your brand. Ideally you want them to want to come back for more, so it is extremely important to leave them with a good and positive impression. Even your logo by itself can make a huge difference3. I recently encountered a local brand who had used a poorly thought out font and sizing combination and it really turned me off to wanting to check them out. I have no idea what the actual products were like. I easily forgot about them and forgot to look them up.
  2. Make sue your social media handles are all the same and aren’t long or confusing. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to tag a business or blogger in posts only to have to dig through the deep dark depths of the inter webs just to find them. People don’t want to dig like that. Keep it short and memorable.
  3. Stay consistent. This is so important for branding. You can really tell when brands have done a good job with this too. I went to this new pizza places in town that is part of a chain and as I was waiting in line, I noticed that the font choices and colors reminded me a lot of Chipotle. Turned out that the pizza place (Blaze Pizza) was owned by Chipotle and it wasn’t explicitly advertised. THAT is good branding. Anthropologie is also one of my favorite brands for their consistency. My friends and I often find clothes and decor around and remark on how much it looks like something from Anthropologie. They have established a solid bohemian, exotic, antique, unique, artsy vibe.
  4. Think of your brand as a character. It has a name and a personality. Then, when you write for it our make decisions on its behalf, consider what it would pick. It sounds crazy but trust me.
  5. Use your resources. You may be thinking, “I don’t have money to invest in branding.” or, “I don’t have an artistic eye for this stuff!”. Don’t worry, there are people (like me) that are out there to help you. Go on Etsy and purchase a branding kit for $40 then stick to it! Maybe you want to go the DIY route. In that case, lay out a branding board and refer to it often. There are plenty of creative tools out there to help you.
  6. Take good photos!!!!! If you suck at photography, learn. If your husband isn’t good at photography, teach him. If your pictures are dark and muddy, edit them. There are so many good and cheap/free resources these days. Please utilize them. Even our phones are rivaling point and shoot cameras at this point. You have no excuses anymore.

Those are my top 5 tips on branding that I have learned so far. If you are interested in my Brand Consulting, check out my Etsy page here or contact me here. I will post more elaborately on the 4th point in a future post so stay tuned.


Thanks for reading and stay in touch!

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