I absolutely love reading other people’s posts about favorite things for fall. It is my absolute favorite season and I am so ready for this fall.

Here are a few of my favorite things. As always, they will be linked if you want to check them out yourself.




This candle is a classic! It has a rich and musky floral scent and is super relaxing. It is a little on the pricey side but lasts forever and is totally worth it.

Some other candles that I love for fall are Leaves and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath and Body Works.





I feel like I buy a new flannel shirt every year because they just keep coming out with cute ones. They are so great for fall. You can wear them as a shirt, tunic, sweater, etc. This one in particular is lightweight yet warm.





I am a HUGE sucker for boots! It’s kind of impractical since I live in Florida but that doesn’t stop me from owning a bunch haha. These are a couple pairs that I have been liking this year. They are classic and sleek so I think they will work in my wardrobe for a long time.





I am not a big hot tea person when it comes to herbal and green teas but I love a good, rich, black tea when it is chilly out. This tea in particular is very flavorful and tasty. It has cinnamon and other flavors that totally make me think of fall every time I drink it. Also, this mug is stinking adorable! I want to use it year-round.





Not much needs to be said here. Scarves are super cozy and adorable and I love ones with fun patterns. This one caught my attention this year as it has a little bit of color and a classic stripe pater.





I have been reading this book on and off for a few months and it has come in really handy with my downsizing projects. The pictures are clean and bright and very inspiring and it is full of great tips and advice.





This collection from OPI has some beautiful colors to it. Some other classic fall shades are Mrs. O’leary’s BBQ, Malagna Wine, and Lincoln Park After Dark.



I would’ve to see what you guys are loving this fall. Leave a comment and I’ll check it out! Also, be sure to check out my post about my Fall Inspiration Board 2017. You can also head over to my Pinterest and see the original pins. I found some great recipes, DIYs, and decor inspirations.


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