My sister and I are notorious packrats. We tend to bring half of our possessions on any trip we go on and my husband would tease me because he could fit all of his stuff into a reusable Publix bag (?).

My ridiculous overpacking finally changed last year when the hubby and I were following the konmari method and minimizing the different areas of our lives. I decided that I wanted to apply the minimalism to my packing and challenged myself to pack lightly (Maybe not quite a reusable grocery store bag lighter but lighter than a 60 lb suitcase for sure). Not only did I see a huge improvement but I learned a few different tricks that I thought I would share with you!


1: Start by planning each outfit

It may sound excessive but it will help eliminate extra stuff that doesn’t end up getting worn and just taking up space. Try to plan outfits that use a piece of clothing more than once. Mix things up with accessories and such. In case you missed my last blog post, I included a free printable packing list AND outfit planner! I will link it here.


2: Coordinate with others

Ask other people you are traveling with what they are bringing. Try to assign different items to different people, like hair dryers and computer chargers. That way space isn’t wasted and you don’t end up with 4 hair dryers. My sister and I will even coordinate shampoo and conditioner and purses/bags. Get creative.


3: Use packing cubes

They come in several different sizes and they make it so easy to find tings!. I will link some at the end of the post.


4: Use jackets and sweatshirts that fold up

There are several places that make these items that are meant to fold up super small. Again, I will link some below.


5: Travel size makeup & soap

It may be pretty obvious but travel size items are your best friend. I order the mini size of all of my favorite makeup items off of Amazon and save them for when I travel. Most companies make sample sizes of products and sometimes they are even FREE!


Items mentioned above .  . .


Good luck with your packing!

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    Welcome “home! It was such a pleasure to see the photos from your vacation, thank you. Great packing tips, and I love that you only packed two pairs of shoes (and wore one). Just my kind of packing. Glad you”re back, and hopefully feeling rested and relaxed.

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