I bought this adorable paw print backpack off of Amazon one day when I got tired of packing a thousand things for the dog park trips at the last minute. It is nylon and easily washable. Plush it has a thousand pockets for treats and poo bags and such.



All of these dog treats and cookies are on the healthier side. They are pretty low in calories and my dog absolutely loves them! Some are durable for safe and digestible chewing (alternatives to rawhides) and some are tasty treats that she loves.



Ellen Degeneres makes the best quality toys! They are the ones that end up lasting the longest along with the Kong brand ones. The green treat dispenser is one of Clara’s absolute favorites.



These are just a few things that are great to have in case of emergency dog washings and whatnot. The spray is great for when she pees or poops indoors (accidents happen).


Disclaimer: I do not take all of these things every time I take Clara anywhere. This is what we pack for a long road trip where we will be away for a while. I do keep the backpack stocked with the poo bags and whatnot for trips to the dog park or friend’s houses and it has really come n handy. I can vouch for each product on this list. We have used all of them and love them. Also, yes, I know that I am that person haha.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment with anything you would add to this list!

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