Kelly Varner

I am an artist, life coach, and blogger. I have been practicing traditional art for years but only recnetly realized how much my creativity shows up in every aspect of my life. I have also realized how much I love to share this creativity with other people and how receptive they are to seeing it. I started All Things Creative as a place to collectively share my creativity, tell my story, and to inspire others.

All Things Creative centers around creativity in all aspects of life. I believe that our individuality is shown through the way that we express ourselves in our own creative way. In addition to telling my story, I like to give my readers tips, ideas, how-tos, and insipration for enriching their own lives. I have learned so much throughout the years of pursuing art and creativity. I have a lot to share with my readers and they love learning it. Through my writing, I try to emphasize the beauty in simplicity, authenticity, and the importance of expressing oneself through all things creative.