1. Get dressed and shower, even if you aren’t going anywhere – I find that when I stay in my PJs and don’t put on any makeup at all, I have less motivation to get moving and get things done. Feeling put together just makes you feel more productive and ready to get stuff done.

2. Make a delicious lunch the night before – If you have some yummy food to look forward to, you will be less likely to be tempted to leave the house to go get food or to order uber eats and it will make the morning go by faster.

3. Set a list of goals each day – Each day when I wake up, I write down the key things that I need to get done for the day, whether it is work related or not. After the day is done, I feel so good being able to check things off and see the work that I got done.

4. Make a space that is specifically for work – I have a home office that I use for work. I try not to use the space when I am not working as to keep it dedicated to getting work done. I made it a happy and aesthetically pleasing space with lots of light.

5. Stay off of your favorite websites – I know it is hard to not jump over to forever 21 or Facebook in a new browser but it is crazy important not to let yourself do it. These distractions can be so detrimental to getting valuable work done anywhere, let alone the freedom of working at home. Working from home is nice but it can be extra difficult with all of our favorite things around, like our bed or Netflix.

6. Keep a note pad nearby – If you are anything like me, you constantly have to-dos and ideas floating around you head. Keep a small notepad nearby so when you think of an idea or chore that needs to be done, you can jot it down instead of leaving your space and getting distracted. I promise, the dishes can wait.

7. Take a walk – If you find yourself getting antsy or lonely, take a quick walk around the block. Fresh air and the time away from your desk will help and provide a nice break.

8. Reward yourself – As you complete the goals you set out to do for the day, give yourself a small reward. After all, the fridge is just steps away and you have been so good about not letting yourself get distracted. Grab a snack, allow yourself to scroll through Instagram for ten minutes, anything that keeps you going. Be reasonable about it but treat yourself.



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