Christmas is creeping in and threatening to take over Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas time! I always joke that Thanksgiving is like the middle child of the holidays between Halloween and Christmas. It tends to get overshadowed by the other two because it isn’t a retail holliday. I have vowed to not put up any Christmas decorations until after this Thursday and let me tell you, it has been HARD. However, I think that it is super important to remember the things that we do have and to appreciate the memories we are making with our loved ones. I know that I will always value the time that I am getting to spend with all of my family together and I never want to take any of it for granted. Therefore, before things get hectic with Christmas festivities and whatnot, I am sharing a list (you know how much I love lists!) of the top 18 things that I am currently very grateful for right now in 2018. I am thankful for so much more than just these 18 things but these are just some that come to mind.

Let’s begin . . .


18 Things That I Am Thankful For This Year

  1. My family
  2. My friends – I have made some new friends over the past couple of years that have really been so wonderful to me. Along with the older fiends, I am so thankful for them all!
  3. My sweet hub – He puts up with my addiction to throw pillows and my need to fill our house with fur babies and decor.
  4. My fur babies! – Clara the Pom and Parker the grumpy gray kitty.
  5. My home – Even though we are getting ready to find a new one. I will always be thankful for my first house and all of the wonderful memories we have made here.
  6. Therapy – It has a bit of a stigma associated with it for a lot of people but it 100% changed my life in controlling my anxiety and helping me work through the things that I had no idea were backed up in my brain haha.
  7. Orlando – Even though it is hotter than anywhere I have ever been and during the summer I curse it on a daily basis AND despite the pain in the ass that is the rain, I do appreciate this city. It has so much life and culture (even outside of Disney World). There is always something to do.
  8. Food – Just in general. It always amazes me how much of an experience it can be just to enjoy good food. Our ability to taste is certainly a gift.
  9. My eyesight – I am so so thankful for the eyesight that I do have. I can’t imagine what it is like to be completely blind. Especially as a super creative and visual person, I appreciate what I have to work with.
  10. Blogging – I have met so many amazing people and have had some fantastic experiences while blogging the last year and a half.
  11. Target – Yes, I added this one in there because I just love that store lol.
  12. Cold Weather Days – They completely revive me and make me so happy.
  13. Sweet Tea – Hot or cold, I will take it!
  14. Christmas – My absolute favorite time of year. Giving is one of my highest love languages and something I love to do in general. This time of year everybody is doing it and everyone is just so festive and joyful.
  15. My humungous bath tub – This is a weird one but I love to read in the bath and my giant tub is one of my favorite places to be.
  16. Books – such simple items that we easily take for granted. At one point books were a commodity. I love books so much.
  17. Our Church – It was hard to find one that really made being a Christian feel like a fun and uplifting thing as apposed to being full of guilt or overly structured rules. We found a place that really promotes just being a good human and love above all else.
  18. Thanksgiving – It is my favorite middle child. I love celebrating with my and hubby’s family. I love making memories with them and spending quality time together with fantastic food.


I would love to know what you guys are grateful for this year. Leave something in the comments below for me.


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