Each year, around this time, I find myself wanting lighter reads that fit the bright and airy atmosphere of springtime. Usually we do some sort of small vacation around spring and I ALWAYS take a book on vacation with me. It can be hard to find books between high school age and being a mom with a family. It seems like they go straight from high school paranormal to “The So-and-so’s Wife”.  I am referring specifically to fiction here by the way. There are probably tons of books about twenty-somethings getting murdered or biographies, etc.. The books that DO fall in between are about cheating and divorces and/or are murder mysteries. Is it so much to ask for a book that a late twenty-something can relate to?

If you are in the same boat, don’t worry, I have found a handful that are fun reads and fit into that neglected twenty-somethings category.

I have included a short synopsis of the book and how I related to it. If you find one you want to check out, just click the book image.

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I Heart New York

I went through a massive NYC fiction phase and this was the book that started it all. This is basically a RomCom in a book. Girl moves to NYC and starts over then meets a ton of new people, including a love interest or two . . .


My Not So Perfect Life

I loved Sophie Kinsella in college. She does chick-lit really well. This book is about a girl that gets a great job but falls into the must-appear-perfect habit. She ends up making judgements about the people around her and the life that she wants, only to have everything turned completely around on her. I enjoyed reading a book about someone in a creative work environment, facing millennial problems that aren’t too unrealistic.


Someday, Someday Maybe

First of all, I LOVE Lauren Graham. She is absolutely hilarious and relatable. Another NYC based book, this one centers around a girl approaching a career deadline she had given herself years ago and how she handles the reality of dreams and ambitions. The main character is very lovable and relatable. It was a quick read but a great one!


Paris For One

Jojo is well known now for You Before Me. Paris For One is one of her happier novels. It is actually only about half of the book. The rest are short stories. The main character decides to go to Paris by herself after being ditched last minute by her loser boyfriend. It was interesting to see a character struggling to be independent but fighting her way through the anxiety and doing something exciting and life changing all by herself. She still ends up meeting some awesome people but she grows a lot throughout the book.



Again, set in New York City, this novel is about a girl that moves to the city to follow her dreams of being a journalist/wirter for a food magazine. As the book goes on, we learn a lot about her past and how it has shaped who she is. She encounters new people, experiences, and discovers something that changes her life. Hard to not give this one away haha.


The Bookshop On The Corner

This book makes me want to go to Scotland! If you are a book lover, then you will especially appreciate this book. The main character loses her job and decides to throw it all to the wind and follow her ultimate passion of starting a mobile bookstore. I loved reading as she discovered a completely new home, life, and group of people. It’s adorable.


The Someday Jar

This was also a quick read but really cute. The main character finds an old jar of things she wanted to do and sets out to complete each thing. She discovers a lot about herself, etc etc. It is a little stereotypical but I still really enjoyed it!


Can You Keep A Secret

This is another one written by Sophie Kinsella and it is probably my favorite one of hers. The main character thinks she is about to die in a plane crash, so she blurts out all of her fears and deepest feelings to the stranger next to her, only to survive the trip and find out who exactly that stranger was.



Maybe In Another Life

This book is interesting. It goes back and forth between two alternate futures for the main character. One is what her life would be like if she chooses one man and the other is what her life would be like if she chose the other man. It is written in a different and refreshing way from the typical girl meets guy story.


Something Borrowed

This one is a little iffy with the morals. The main character, Rachael, is about to turn 30 and she goes home from her birthday party with a man that she has been in love with for a while. However, he is also her best friend’s fiancé. It was a little uncomfortable because of the dynamic but overall, a very interesting read.


I would love to know what you guys are reading this spring. Leave a comment with any recommendations you have for me and be sure to follow me on Goodreads!



  • Reply stephanie February 27, 2018 at 12:01 AM

    looks likea great reading list! Love reading lists!

  • Reply Yentl February 28, 2018 at 2:40 PM

    I absolutely love having a set of new books to read! Thank you for your recommendations:) Even though I am a thirty-something, I am open to all books:)

    • Reply Kelly Varner March 3, 2018 at 1:24 PM

      It’s ok girl, I will be 30 next year. These books aren’t limited to the twenty-somethings 🙂

  • Reply breannaboddie March 2, 2018 at 10:33 AM

    Kelly Varner, thanks!And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

  • Reply Cesar March 5, 2018 at 11:59 AM

    Enjoy NYC! It is truly the best city. I just moved this past June to LA after being in NYC for 13 years (I also grew up in Knoxville). I absolutely loved it (and hope to move back after fellowship!). There”s nothing like walking around NYC and knowing it is yours!

  • Reply klartext March 6, 2018 at 5:17 PM

    Enjoy NYC!It is truly the best city. I just moved this past June to LA after being in NYC for 13 years (I also grew up in Knoxville). I absolutely loved it (and hope to move back after fellowship!). There”s nothing like walking around NYC and knowing it is yours!

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